Tall Tree’s Wine and Beverage List
Tall Tree’s Philosophy of Wine
We are proud to offer wines to you from unique producers around the World.
Please feel free to ask for recommendations. Wines identified with an asterix (*) are the Chef's favourites. 
Although we try our best to advertise accurate vintages some may change as we replenish inventory.
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Chardonnay Vintage Bottle
Chardonnay, Louis Latour , Bourgogne A.C. France 2010 $45
Chardonnay “Yulupa”, Kenwood Estates, Sonoma, CA 2011 $50
Chardonnay “Reserve” Peninsula Ridge-Niagara, VQA 2007 $50
Chardonnay “ Bishops Peak” Talley Vineyards, Edna Valley, CA 2010 $55
Chardonnay “Private Reserve” Peninsula Ridge-Niagara, VQA 2004 $55
Chardonnay “County” Norman Hardie, Prince Edward, VQA 2010 $60
Chardonnay “Limited Edition”, Lailey Vineyard, Niagara, VQA 2002 $60
Chardonnay “Estate Bottled, Hidden Bench, Beamsville, VQA 2006 $60
Chardonnay, Talley Vineyards, Arroyo Grande Valley, CA 2010 $65
Chardonnay “Tete Du Cuvee” Hidden Bench, Beamsville, VQA 2005 $55
Chardonnay “Ciampagnis Vieris” Vie di Romans, Friuli, Italy 2010 $80

Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc, Errazuriz – Casablanca Valley, Chile 2010 $38
Sauvignon Blanc” Wismer ” Peninsula Ridge-Niagara, VQA 2012 $40
Sauvignon Blanc, Scarbolo, Grave del Friuli, Italy 2011 $45
Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford, Marlborough, NZ 2012 $45
Sauvignon Blanc, Squealing Pig Vineyards, Marlborough, Australia 2012 $48
*Fume Blanc, Hidden Bench, Beamsville, ON, VQA 2007 $55
Pouilly- Fume“Villa Paulus”, Masson-Blondelet A.C. France 2010 $60

*Riesling “CSV” Cave Spring –Jordan, VQA 2008 $48
Riesling “Fox Croft Vineyards”20/27 Cellars, Vineland, VQA 2009 $48
Riesling “Feather Stone Vineyard” 20/27 Cellars Vineland, VQA 2007 $50
Riesling “Wooden Post” Thirty Bench, Niagara, VQA 2007 $55
Riesling, Ockfener Bockstein “Kabinett" St.Urbans-Hof, Germany 2006 $55
Riesling, Goldtropfchen “Kabinett” St.Urbans-Hof, Germany 2011 $65
Riesling, Charles Baker Wines-Niagara, VQA 2007 $65
*Riesling, “Carly’s Block”, Tawse Winery, Beamsville , VQA 2007 $60
Riesling “Auslese” Markus Molitar, Germany 2002 $60

Other Wines
White Zinfandel, Mondavi – Napa, CA 2008 $36
Pinot Blanc, Coyotes Run, Niagara, VQA 2010 $40
Verdicchio “Tellus”, Cocci Grifoni, IGT, Italy 2010 $39
Gewurztraminer, Hidden Bench, Beamsville, VQA 2008 $55
Godello “ Monte Novo” Bodegas Valdesil, DO, Spain 2011 $65
Soave Classico “Monte Grande” Pra, Veneto, DOC, Italy 2009 $65
Nuit Blanche (Sauv Blanc/ Semilion) Hidden Bench, Beamsville, VQA 2006 $70
*Friulano “Dolee” Vie di Romans, Friuli, Italy 2010 $80
Taxes and Gratuities not included
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Your hosts: Randy & Karen Spencer